Lessons from Sport

July 15, 2012 § Leave a comment


I’ve just finished another year at the Wimbledon Championships, and what a surreal few weeks it’s been. I have witnessed triumph, devastation, determination, and joy, at levels surpassing that which I know in day to day life – a rare splash of passionate ambition more steadfast than any I have seen of late.

Watching the men’s final today I was struck by the sheer weight of it all – the feeling of utter elation and success upon triumphing and the crushing blow of defeat upon losing – both as fierce as the other, though with varying excuses for their cataclysmic effect. For to each player – winner or loser – there comes a moment, in which their life could alter forever. And both are aware of it. Of course they are; it is what they are battling for – life change. Moments of extreme removal from one man to the next.

Federer matched Sampras’ title today. Murray became the first Brit in 74 years to lose the final. Two moments with immense repercussions; two phrases with connotations dragging like sandbags (or streamers) around the ankles of the protagonists.

In these moments I find infinite inspiration. The ambition to go on, single mindedly, without apologising for my dreams or making plan Bs. It’s healthy I feel.


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