A Poem.

May 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

I was digging through some old writing and found this.. written in my first year at university. (Oh how long ago that seems!) Inspired by Walt Whitman’s ‘On the Beach at Night’, it’s about a friend who lost half of himself after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan. I’d love to know what you think.


On a beach, at night,
Stands a lone figure, a woman in white,
Watching the waves break on the rocks.

She dreams of a broken man,
Soul as dark as the midnight sky.
Miles away he lies alone too, a stranger to those waves;
Haunted by the ghost of regret.
Swirling, sucking, the whitewash bubbles as the current explodes
She watches, imagining the world below.

From the beach, the woman holds herself
Imagines the rag doll tossed and thrown,
The waves crash, ever victorious.
A leg left behind, devoured by the unrelenting demons
Of war.
His eyes are dry, he has been trained well.
He is told ‘the great stars and little ones shall shine out again – they endure’
(By some optimistic poetic fool.)

The wind eases, the waves calm.
Is there something enduring?
Something that lasts when a broken frame decays?
She holds herself tight. Eyes the vastness and immovability.
Whispers a promise to him of hope,
A faint thought of immortality.
She dives in.


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