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I’ve had the privilege of attending a few events in the last week or two that have wowed me a little bit. (Can you be wowed a little bit? Apparently I can!) The first was Brighton Fashion Week‘s ShowReel. Described as giving “room to the limitless avenues of creativity displayed by costume”, it was a show focussed on costume design – and boy, was it interesting. And gorgeous. And in parts, just darn weird.

alien invasionWhat struck me about it were the outrageous levels of imagination that lead to such creativity – whirring alien skirts, sparkling mermaid dresses, even woolly pedal pushers with neon geometric patterns splashed across them. I found myself wanting to know what these designers were like, where their minds went, how they dreamed and were inspired, and how they got to this place. I imagined them letting loose their imaginative desires and drifting along with them until those paths led to sketchbooks and pins and well, other things that come with making clothes. Ultimately, I knew I had no way of understanding their complex processes, nor the ideas that sprung from their souls; for surely that is part of the beauty of creativity: the inexplicability of it. Likewise, at a gig the following week – watching Dry The River perform passionately as shivers danced up and down my spine – I was intrigued again; marvelled by the way a song can stir me, making me believe and question and enjoy and – live. But I can’t understand it.

Nor can I tell you how I thought up my novel, or where every sentence takes form. There is a mystery in this curiosity of life that invites us to explode ourselves upon paper, a stage, a piece of material. I am glad there is, it adds to the magic of it.


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