Turn My Eyes

July 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking today about what it is that inspires my best writing, and why it is that some days I can barely form a sentence. There is obviously the mystery of mood – that tangled mess of science and circumstance – and then there are energy levels (and in turn ability to focus), as well as time, and how many other things are demanding attention. But, leaving all of these factors to one side, I still think there are influences that are far more powerful – to me at least. 

I can spend hours watching trash. I have a highly addictive personality that is pretty unbiased when it comes to the source of its attention. I can easily spend an afternoon trawling through Ebay, or DIY sites, or topshop.com. I’ll listen to Radio 1, talk about what clutch to wear to Saturday’s wedding, and think about the tart I’m making for dinner. I try and scribble out a few ideas amidst it all and unsurprisingly, they are far from Hemingway material. 

BUT. It is when I leave all of these things aside, close the door, press play, open a blank word document and think of mountains – that I write well. Hauntingly beautiful music: inspires me. Images of hills and lakes layering back upon one another: inspire me. Meditating on truth, questioning knowledge, dwelling in the unseen: inspires me. It is these things that create a brilliant paragraph. 


And I find myself asking, why then, am I spending so little time chasing them?

‘Turn {your} eyes from looking at worthless things.’

Challenge: do whatever it takes to write well, because not writing is not an option. 


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