Less Blogging, More Writing

August 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have received various pieces of advice with regards to my writing.

‘Blog blog blog. Blog all the time, about _______ and _____ and ______. Pick up a following, interact, socialise..’ etc etc.

‘Get that next book going. Be planning, writing and creating continuously.’

‘Have you considered self-publishing? I knew a guy…’

And so on.

You know how it is… with anything you do, people have lots of advice. And I love it. I’m young, I’m fairly inexperienced, and I need advice. BUT. I work four full days a week doing something which has absolutely nothing to do with writing. I am building a home with my husband. I have GREAT friends who I want to be with and enjoy. I am part of a church that is big and busy. I live in Brighton – a city full of opportunity and adventure, waiting to be explored. 

So, I have a little {precious} amount of time to make my dream come true, and in that time I have decided to prioritise writing. Not blogging, but writing. And as I focus on the ‘what next’, I feel inspiration awakening.  My next novel is coming to me – sometimes in waves, sometimes slowly: it is coming. 


Part of the fallout will be fewer blog posts/snappier ones, but I think the backbone of research taking form, the pages of notebooks filling up with scribbles, the ink starting to hit the page, will all make it worth it. 

(And I hope to still touch base on here whilst dreaming up a world outside of my own.)

Here’s to creating stories, and to doing more than talking. 



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