Tell Me a Story…

October 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Tell Me a Story...

Wow, it’s been ages since I last posted! What can I tell you? Well, instead of blogging, I have been using my book Tuesdays to immerse myself in ideas for my next novel and as the winter nights draw in, my characters and their story are taking shape. Last week I discovered my local library (shocking I know, having lived here for a year already) and have been excitedly telling everyone about it, whilst devouring the three books I checked out. FREE books, it’s amazing I tell you! And this morning, whilst pondering on my sofa, I was captivated yet again by the beauty of a story. My bookshelves hold only a fraction of the billions of stories told throughout time, and yet a glimpse at them strikes me into silence – the power of their message both awe-inspiring and intimidating. I am not the first author to piece together a story, and I am not the first person to have a tale to tell. Quite the opposite. I am one ant in a forest full of creatures, one speck of dust in a second hand store, one droplet of rain in the Amazon. I am one small whisper in the crowd, wanting to be heard but scared that my voice is not loud enough. I am just one.

And yet, I am one of many, and I am not alone. The desire to write, the sense that if I do not, I have not fully lived – it is a feeling that connects me to millions of people across the world – just as the artist holds his paintbrush alongside the others, the sportsman hits his bat and the ball is caught, the mother laughs at her child and hears an echo.
And who knows? My story may one day be nestled on a shelf next to a hundred others that a young girl has consumed willingly, with the sense that what she is reading is changing her, slowly.

Stories are everywhere. They do not just fill the shelves, they fill the world.
Tell me yours?


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